Every program starts with an Innovation Diagnostics process. We conduct one-to-one interviews with top management and other key personnel. We carry out a web survey across the organization – with a mix of middle and top management, and other resources. Through analysis of the information we extract, we can better understand our client’s specific context and organizational set up. We can then train them for long-term growth.


Our INNEOX Operations program builds operational innovation skills among those who will be responsible for working with innovation. We implement an innovation process and train operational management in all the necessary tools that make innovation happen. In order to make innovation an organizational capability we have developed a digital Innovation Operating System (iOS) as the foundation INNEOX Operations.


To drive innovation every day, teams need their Innovation Champs. INNEOX Champions program is aimed at developing them across your functional teams. Chosen individuals will train towards facilitating the Innovation Boards, innovation workshops, and supporting the rest of the organization in driving innovation initiatives. Innovation Champs become the go-to, innovation responsible when INNEOX Team “leaves the room”.


The INNEOX Platform is a digital innovation management system that supports all activities and functions throughout the innovation process. The system helps you retain knowledge and best practice, and it simplifies communication and project execution. The INNEOX Platform is designed to meet the needs of the management team as decision makers, as well as the needs of project managers/project groups for innovation projects.