Transforming your company starts with the CEO and his/her management team. The Innovation Leadership program is our executive level development program for growth leadership and aim to develop a common understanding of what innovation means to you as a management team and secure that you are ready to deal with all the innovations your organization will come up with.

We will, during the program raise the general competence on innovation amongst the participant, secure that you have one anchored perspective on what is to be achieved, implement an Innovation Process and a digital management system, and we will establish and run formal corporate level Innovation Boards dealing with real projects.

We will train your leaders in formal settings, in one-on-one coaching settings and we will help them execute the newfound knowledge in projects and the Innovation board. By securing a very close link to your strategy, executing real project to deliver on short and long term goals, we avoid the pitfalls of theoretical education securing the shortest path to transformation possible.

We believe that the fastest way to change is for us to bring you everything we know about how to make innovation a part of your DNA, and to place you in situations where you as a group are made capable of solving the challenges yourself.

The program spans 12 months and deliverables include: