At INNEOX, we believe that people choose why you do what you do.

It starts with a simple diagnostics among top-level management, and becomes so much more. We don't believe in traditional corporate practices. We create leaders with our innovation training methodology. More importantly, we create leaders that generate a true innovative culture, where people are inspired.

It's easy to talk about why change needs to take place. The real challenge is defining the actions that need to take place in order to achieve positive change. Click here to read about our global initiative.

Love What You Do!

Sounds simple enough, right? The truth is that 2 out of every 3 people worldwide are unhappy at work.
Let's change that.

Source - Gallup, Washington D.C.

Be Scalable.

Business isn't about catching the biggest fish in the's about growing. That's why we've put together programs for businesses of all sizes.

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When actually working with people, you need to be there for them at all times. We are...24/7, from all five countries we reside in.

Our innovation process starts with our Eye Opener Presentation, which consists of our three fundamental principles.

Below are links to brief introductions on each of our three principles.
This is the pivotal step before a complete innovation diagnostics program.


Who Are We? Meet Our Dream Team!

A global business needs a global approach and understanding. Our team spans 3 continents to get the job done!

Tom Ingvoldstad

Tom has extensive experience in innovation, business development, marketing and sales. Tom is particularly passionate about innovation and has been responsible for the development of all our tools and processes. Tom works with our clients on strategy, building skills and competence, and implementing innovation process. Prior to INNEOX Tom held leadership positions at Jordan, Unilever, Orkla and Lilleborg. Tom holds an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Yngve Kristiansen

Yngve is the Chairmen at INNEOX. He is development-oriented, and sees connections and possibilities where no one else does. He has extensive experience in developing effective corporate, category and brand strategies. With his strong operational experience from Lillebor, Unilever and Orkla – Yngve emphasizes with client challenges. As a natural networker, Yngve’s circles span a variety of different industries. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Norges Tekniske Høgskole.

Berte Helgestad

Berte is responsible for the development of our digital platform for managing innovation. She is change-oriented, holistic, and strategic. She has extensive operational experience in strategy, portfolio management and marketing from Norsk Tipping, Norwegian Design Council and Accenture. Apart from INNEOX, Berte is a Board Member of the Innovation Forum. She graduated from Norwegian Business School (BI) – with a major in Innovation.

Michael Engström

Michael has got a great understanding of technology and business with over 17 years of experience within the telecom industry. He brings an extensive innovation and business experience from his years at Cisco, as well as an entrepreneurial drive having set up and led a number of successful start up companies in the internet/telecom sector. Today, Michael works with our clients to build their innovation capabilities and with implementing innovation processes across organizations.

Marc Siles

Marc has over 12 years of experience in Consumer Finance, and has been holding Senior Executive positions for the last 7 years, prior to joining INNEOX. He has started his own companies, while mentoring a few others. Start ups, M&A, due diligencies, marketing & sales, coaching and project management are several of different areas which have given Marc the ability to see the big picture, while adding valuable input to these key action items.

Thomas Kirkegaard

Thomas is an experienced strategy and marketing professional. His key strengths is a broad business experience combined with strong analytical and strategic capabilities. He has worked with innovation for both medium and large corporations. In his time at Orkla, he gained a broad, international experience in various roles (marketing, business development, finance, M&A, IT) within several FMCG and B2B industries. Thomas has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from NHH.

Morten Revill

Morten is a passionate and playful, internationally experienced consultant and trainer on communication and innovation. He brings to the team a drive and limitless belief that anything can be achieved once a company is ready to truly embrace innovation. Over the past 17 years he has been a serial business innovator across several sectors, including global work as a trainer and consultant in communication skills, strategic program implementation and competence development in Det Norske Veritas. He holds a Master of Science in International Marketing & Strategy, and is bilingual having grown up in England and Norway. As a globally published author, he brings the power of storytelling into the mix.

Catherine Munkvold

With a background in Management and Innovation Consulting, Catherine has been focusing on innovation from a global scale for several years. Having previously worked for Edge Consultants as a consultant, Catherine knows the importance of assisting businesses in both growth and sustainability.

Brandon Youngblood

Brandon is our creative guy. He received his BFA in Graphic and Interactive Communication from Ringling College of Art and Design. He has over a decade of experience in web design and online marketing. Having worked in both corporate and small businesses, he will tell you that he has worn a lot of hats. He has a strong focus on forward thinking, and thinking “outside the box.” He is our first U.S. employee, with a vision to help INNEOX expand both its global and U.S. efforts. Ultimately, he strives to create positive change. He is an artist, and also enjoys playing his guitar and loves pugs.

Lina Torell

Lina joined INNEOX after completing her Engineering studies from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. She holds a MSc. Degree in Integrated Product Development. Her masters thesis was written within the field of Innovation Capability and with her operational experience as an Innovation Pilot at Electrolux, she brings vital product development and innovation skills to the team. As a member of the INNEOX team, she is responsible for planning and organizing customer activities, as well as being responsible for Knowledge Management within the company.

Terje Sandberg

Terje is our Talent Lead. He is educated and experienced as a coach according to the standards set by the International Coach Federation. Formerly, Terje was a CEO for one of the leading law firms in Oslo, Norway. He has 15 years of experience as a manager in the advertising industry and 12 years as a project manager in the IT business. Although his track record includes starting 4 enterprises and managing the soft side of mergers and restructuring processes, he speaks very warmly of his first job as a ghost in the Norwegian Opera House.

Ivan Renyé

Ivan started his career developing software for the microelectronics industry. During his ten plus years of work experience, he has been a key contributor on the development of complex software projects for different multinational companies. He has also lived in four different countries. In his spare time he likes dancing salsa, tinkering with cars, and being bitten while playing with his puppy dog.

Elin Nørve

Elin is a powerhouse, she has an amazing drive and manages to juggle a dozen tasks at once. She is a creative creature and comes up with new ways to solve a problem or task in untraditional ways – one of the characteristics that makes her the playfulness ambassador of INNEOX. Through INNEOX Elin takes care of the future as she is setting up Future Leaders, a leadership development course for young adults.

Diego Rodríguez Caballero

Diego is a cheerful and charismatic person, fascinated by arts and nature. He looks at his work as an opportunity to grow and to contribute, not only to every person he interacts with, but also to his surrounding environment. With more than seven years of experience leading IT Support teams, he has covered everything within IT Infrastructure from production servers to end users, passing through network management and communications, always delivering services with highest quality standards guided by the ITIL framework.

Nina Melleby

Nina is an Innovation Liberator at INNEOX. She has an extensive background in design, particularly industrial design. She studied at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Having worked with Edge consultants in the past, we are proud to say that she is a valuable asset to the INNEOX team.

Diego Alexander Guzman Galindez

With professional experience on development of software, control and management in both public and private companies, he graduated of Universidad Autonoma de Occidente as a computer engineer. In Cali, Colombia, he recently began to work on INNEOX Development and he feels is the best thing that could happen.

Jessica Guerrero

Jessica is an energetic and creative admin in Human Resources. She is responsible for maintaining and controlling the requirements of Cali team. She has experience in the administrative field, as well as experience working with the government. A majority of her business knowledge was acquired in Universidad del Valle.

Mauricio Camayo

Mauricio is a passionate individual, with a strange necessity to understand everything and anything he is working on. This usually means dismantling and rearming all kind of stuff, but surely he puts every screw back an let it working again, sometimes better than before! This innate curiosity helps him in his career as Computer Engineer, and his passion which is Artificial Intelligence. He has been working as Developer and Project Manager for more than 10 years now, and expects to do it for a little longer now.

Daniela Nicolasa Marin

From Medellín, Colombia, Daniela is one of the newest members of the INNEOX team, working as a programmer, where she loves what she does. She is passionate about nature, business, technology and all things outdoors.

Jaime Meza

A native of Colombia, Jaime is a charismatic Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He has over 10 years experience in designing web software. He is very passionate about what he does, and sees the possibilities offered by the internet as a means of expression and personal growth, especially with children and the disabled. He is convinced that anything is possible! When he has a big challenge facing him, he enjoys searching for a solution to the problem.

Zinddy Arce Ocampo

Zinddy is a professional Graphic Designer, with knowledge in HTML and CSS. She works with design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and Corel Draw. Through her experience she have acquired skills for creativity and innovation, visual communication, excellent teamwork, leadership, adaptability to change, excellent interpersonal relationships. She also likes to research and learn about new design tools.

David Quintana Zapata

David is a professional in systems engineering, with specialization in process for software development. He has experience working in the area of Databases (DB2, Oracle, Informix, Postgres, Mysql), linux server administration (Power System and X86), storage management, administration of virtualized systems with Vmware and VirtualBox.

Nelly Robledo Galarza

Nelly is a professional in systems engineering, with specialization in process for software development. She has experience working in the area of development. Her work activities are directed toward the management and administration of software. She has the capacity to develop technical proposals for IT projects, while integrating and coordinating development teams. Recently, the focus has been on Software Quality, and the need has arisen knowledge about Occupational Health and Total Quality.

Diddier Matta

A native from Cali, Colombia, Diddier graduated from the Valle University as an Electronic Engineering major. With emphasis in Robotics and expertise on java programming, Diddier has over 5 years experience in implementing satellite tracking, mobile apps and web development. He’s glad to work in INNEOX and he’s known great partners.

Luz Adriana Pinzón Agudelo

Luz is a proactive, entrepreneurial, friendly and honest person. She has the unmatched ability to work in team environments, and has big ideas and dreams for her career. She studied computer technology from 2007 to 2011, where she graduated as a computer engineering major with an emphasis on web development.

Edinson Zuñiga Lourido

Born in Cali, Edinson graduated as a Computer Engineering major in December of 2009. Edinson is a perfectionist and a doer. He posesses excellent human qualities, such as consistent, high capacity for teamwork, honesty and loyalty.

What Our Customers Actually Say About Us?

- CIO, Large Multinational Bank

"A great start to build an innovative mindset in the organization."

- VP, Global Steel Supplier

"I'm very positive and have been personally challenged during the program."

- CEO, Global Seafood Supplier

"Very interesting to get innovation on the agenda, and it has been an interesting process."

- CEO, Global Financial Insitution

"The process will enable us to develop a clear and strong capability to shape our bank for the future."

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